A fully articulating Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger.

Designed for an active lifestyle; by an amputee, for amputees. This is the world’s first active lifestyle,  bio-mechanical prosthetic finger!

The Unique Features of the Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger Demonstrated by Those Who Use It


Custom designed to fit you and your lifestyle


Will it fit my finger?

The BPF is custom designed for each amputation. It requires no adhesives and slips on and off like a standard ring. It also allows your finger to breathe and can be worn 24/7.


Will I have to take it off when playing sports or working with my hands?

The BPF mimics bio-mechanical movement of the finger, allowing you to grip a golf club, throw a ball, or hold a wrench. It protects the amputation from painful bumping. The BPF’s sleek, low-profile design is made form FDA approved, impact-resistant plastic. This material is not irritating to human skin and does not conduct electricity, heat, or cold.


Is it usable for everyday tasks?

The BPF aids in many tasks you once took for granted: gripping a glass of water, grabbing a doorknob, or typing. The BPF can be worn while washing dishes and under gloves. It increases blood flow and reduces swelling by protecting the amputation and fully flexing the finger. It protects adjacent fingers from lateral stress often experienced when compensating for the loss of the amputated finger.

The good news is….the worst is probably over, …now let us help you move forward with a custom designed BPF.

For more information or to request your own BPF, please contact RCM Enterprise.

Thank you for your interest in the BPF!


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