More Than a Change in Name

RCM Enterprises has re-branded to more closely represent a main goal of the company: to create prosthetic technology that allows amputees and their devices to be uncovered and proud. The new name, Naked Prosthetics, reflects a firm belief that the intent should not be to hide amputations, but to embrace them with simple, elegant, fully functional, and high tech solutions that are worn with pride. The change goes beyond the name, with many new additions to the staff, and a new state of the art manufacturing process.

The Unique Features of the Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger Demonstrated by Those Who Use It


Custom designed to fit you and your lifestyle

The Naked Prosthetics line of Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Fingers, or BPF’s are a set of innovative body-powered prosthetic devices. Simple and elegant, these high-quality devices provide digit amputees with a functional solution, helping to ease the adjustment into daily activity after an amputation.

The sturdy cage design protects the amputation site against further injury or hypersensitivity, while also providing and individual with dexterity, grip strength, and articulation. Custom made to fit an individuals finger

The Bio-Mechanical Finger is available through a national network of Orthopedists, and Prosthetists. For more information or help in locating a clinic near you please contact:         Naked Prosthetics 888-977-6693,

Thank you for your interest in the BPF!


7 thoughts on “More Than a Change in Name

  1. I am an OT and have a client who has a DIP Amputation of his L MF. He is a detailed woodworker and a guitar player. Please send me information on your devise.

  2. I am a hand therapist interested in learning more about your product for my patients. Do you have any catalogs or price listings? I am also interested in what insurance companies would cover your product? Medicaid?
    Thanks so much for your reply!

  3. My friend recently lost his ring finger of his right dominant hand. He called me as his therapist who gave him some bad news just as she was headed out on vacation. I know he works with his hands as an artist, jeweler, and handyman. I referred him to you, remembering speaking to Colin way back when Coli and his wife were just getting started and got hit with the deluge from a journal article and presence at the ASHT conference in San Diego. I’m so glad you are thriving in your business and filling a niche in the prothetic arena.

  4. hallo

    my wife had an accident and lost half her right hand middle finger. very similar result as Mr. MacDuff.

    i would like to investigate what the possibilities is to obtain a prosthetic finger for her.

    i will appreciate if you can guide me to what i need to do yo obtain this.

    i am living in South Africa in a city call East London

    thank you for your time.

    best regards

  5. Lost end of my ring finger at last part of, or end of finger. I’m taking up piano lessons. and need the end.
    Would like information on cost. I live in La Mesa Ca. San Diego Ca. 91942 Who can i see in this area ?

  6. Had my three middle fingers cut off at the last knuckle, below the finger nail and I’m interested in your product. I’m a self employed construction worker and I need to get back to work. I will appreciate your help.

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